To enable us to keep the ALPE free for members, we invite selected companies to sponsor the members.

We are currently looking for sponsors interested in supporting the LGBT+ community in schools and colleges across the UK. 

If you are interested in sponsoring the ALPE, please contact us using the online form.

Sponsorship is open to almost any company, and will be done on a per-member, per-year basis. 

How ALPE Sponsorship Works
Sponsors are assigned randomly as members join
Each member will know who their sponsor is, and it will be displayed on all their posts. 
Tweets will be sent when new members join, tagging the sponsor
e.g. Welcome to our newest member of the ALPE, sponsored by @YourCompany
Option for you to send group messages / offers to the members you sponsor
e.g. a free coffee

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Testimonials from Members & Partners

  • Having an online support group such as the ALPE is a much needed place for the benefit of anyone who's LGBT+ working in education. It gives a space to raise questions, issues and to get guidance from others in a safe, non-judgemental and welcoming environment, all without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

    Ellie Lincoln, ALPE Founder Member